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A Cold Weather Gear Guide for Every Athlete

Craft's apparel and footwear are developed for athletes, by athletes, with the highest level of performance and comfort in mind. We believe that every athlete, despite race-pace or athletic ability, deserves performance, quality and style to smash their goals.

Cold Weather Running Gear

"With the right attitude, focus and gear winter running can be pretty fun, and when spring finally rolls around you will be glad you braved winter training. Where I live, in the Pacific Northwest, it is usually raining, or snowing, or both, so layering and wearing the right baselayers are key for my running."

- David Laney, Craft Elite Run Team Member

Cold Weather Running Gear

Cold Weather Biking Gear

"As a cyclist who rides year round in cold conditions, I look for products that are windproof because air circulation is what causes cold arms, legs, feet and torso. Plus, using windproof or wind blocking clothes lets me cut down on the bulk I'd need otherwise to insulate myself. And most importantly I also make sure to layer."

- Lex Albrecht, Craft Cycling Athlete

Cross Country Skiing Gear

"I need cross country gear that fits my needs - breathability, warmth and versatility. Like most former racers, a good baselayer is the start of a good day. And then layering in either a long sleeve shirt or lightweight jacket and vest works for most days in my area but thicker jackets work for me when it gets colder, as long as my output is more than medium. I wear more pants than tights these days and love a full zip pant for versatility. "

- Paul Randall, Craft Ambassador