We offer a wide range of bike bibs and bike shorts developed for riders on all levels. The bibs feature Craft’s unique C bike pads, which are each designed to meet the unique and varied demands of riders from the elite ranks to the Sunday cruisers. Made of high-quality fabrics and featuring gender-specific designs, the pads provide excellent performance and infinite comfort. The following guide is designed to help you find the pad – and bib – that suits your needs.

Satisfies any elite rider’s unique demands.


C1 offers the functionality and comfort required for elite performances. Featuring infinite steps between the thickest seat area and the softer wings area, the pad’s exploded foam follows the anatomy of the moving body, creating optimal comfort. The foam is cut with Craft’s patented Foam Cutting Technology (F.C.T.), which makes it possible to remove superfluous foam before the welding. In addition, the pad is covered by a bio-ceramic fabric made from clay minerals that provides perfect thermoregulation. Available in three sizes with different densities in order to satisfy any elite rider’s unique demands. Developed in collaboration with riders in the Pro Tour peloton.

Superior function and comfort for dedicated riders.

C2 Infinity

C2 comes with an ergonomic shape that follows the athlete’s body for an efficient pedalling movement and optimal comfort. The pad features thicker foam with excellent elasticity and keeps its strength and main characteristics for a very long time even after several washes. In addition, the pad's open-cell foam has a high density and responds to the body in a natural way, being able to stretch 117% of its total length. The pad’s three layers include a 4-way stretch fabric, medium-density foam and laser-cut high-density foam.

Great comfort for all kinds of cyclists.


C3 is designed to suit all kinds of riders and to make every ride a comfortable experience. The pad features excellent anatomic characteristics as well as a hydrophilic treatment and hollow fibre technology that combine to enhance the moisture transport. Thanks to its well-designed sitting area and 4-way stretch fabrics, the pad provides the right support for all body movements.

Smooth Protection.

C4 INFINITY is a 3-layer compound with high-density foam at the center and soft foam at the edges that provide smooth support during any kind of ride. Fabrics and foams of the highest quality ensure durability and efficient moisture transport while perforated holes offer enhanced ventilation.


Ideal wind bib tights

Ideal Wind Bib Tights feature a windproof and waterproof elastic panel at the front and brushed inside for extra warmth and comfort during rides in cold and windy conditions. The tights are ergonomically designed for optimal freedom of movement and come with 360 degree reflective print, lower-leg side zippers, and an Infinity C3 Pad.

Available with and without bib.

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