Whether you are a fair-weather rider, a hard-core athlete training in all conditions, or someone who worships the espresso break on their Sunday ride, Craft Bike is for you. Highly functional fabrics combined with ergonomic design ensure excellent weather protection, body-temperature management, body control, aerodynamics, and comfort.


How to dress?


Inspired by vintage colors and streamlined silhouettes, classics is a comprehensive bike collection with long lasting design.  Functional fabrics and technical details for every rider from entry-level to advanced, designed to withstand the test of time. 


A climber, puncher or a sprinter? Express your special skills with the Specialiste concept, which celebrates the unique features of the grimpeur, the puncheur and the sprinteur.  Made of our finest fabrics, these cutting edge garments offer exceptional function and body temperature management for maximum comfort and performance. Designed and developed in collaboration with The Handmade Cyclist.

The Handmade Cyclist


Essence Bike

Essence is the sustainable choice that adds another green dimension to cycling. Recycled fabrics, solution dye and a clean, timeless design combine to make every ride an eco-friendlier experience. Mixes and matches perfectly with all your other cycling items.

Bike bibs for the elite and for the cruisers – and for anyone in between.

Bike Bib Guide