At first glance, cycling seems quite simple and straightforward. Just push the pedals and make the bike roll in the desired direction. Undernealth the surface however pulsates something totally different: the unique diversity of the many ways of cycling.

Celebrating the great variety of this, the grandest of sports, we offer items that cater to four of the most distinct and prominent riders - The Climber, The Speed Junkie, The Weekend Warrior and The Dirt Lover. Who are you today?

Nano - The Climber

Nano -  The Climber

No mountain high enough, no road too steep. For the Climber, the uphill battle is a feast. And it goes without saying, that ultralight is the recipe for success.


Ultralight Mesh

Thin and exceptionally lightweight fabrics, including the ultralight Nanoweight mesh, provide superior ventilation and cooling, allowing climbers to perform optimally during challenging ascents on hot summer days.


Aero - The Speed Junkie

Aero -  The Speed Junkie

The faster, the better. Hooked on velopcity, the instiable Speed Junkie always pushes for more.  More power. More mph. More aerodynamics.

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Speed structure

Fabric panels with different sturctures provide optimal airflow and minimum drag - maximizing the performance for demanding speed demons.  In addition, sleeves with raw-cut ends ensure a streamlined apperance.

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Endurance - The Weekend Warrior

Endurance -  The Weekend Warrior

After five days of tough work week, the Weekend Warrior takes center stage.  An all-out workout, a long or short ride? Your mood decides. The fika break however, is mandatory.

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Function and comfort

Technical fabrics, advanced bodymapping and ergonomic design offer excellent moisture transport, ventilation and fit - keeping you dry and comfortable throughout long days in the saddle, including the essential coffee break.

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Off Road - The Dirt Lover

Off Road -  The Dirt Lover

A free spirit by nature, the Dirt Lover thrives on gravel roads, demanding trails and the routes less travelled.

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Durability, comfort and freedom to move are key for this adventurous soul.

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Essence Bike

Essence is the sustainable choice that adds another green dimension to cycling. 

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Recycled fabrics, solution dye and a clean, timeless design combine to make every ride an eco-friendlier experience. Mixes and matches perfectly with all your other cycling items.

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Bike bibs for the elite and for the cruisers – and for anyone in between.

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