In 1973 Craft founder Anders Bengtsson discovered the best way to stay warm in a cold climate was to keep sweat off the body by transporting the excess heat and moisture away from the body.

He was inspired to developed a fabric that solved a problem for Swedish fighter pilots. The pilots would sweat from the stress of flying and then freeze when they came in contact with frigid air. Anders began by testing different materials and stitching techniques to see which one had the best moisture wicking properties. After going for a run in a garment made from each of the fabrics, he weighed them to see which one was best at managing moisture. He discovered that the best material to wear closest to the skin is polyester. Polyester absorbs minimal moisture in the fibre itself and moves moisture to the outer layer of the material to evaporate in the air or be passed on to the next layer of clothing. From that innovation, we created a groundbreaking 3-layer concept – the Craft Principle – and began inspiring and enabling athletes to explore their limits and test their boundaries in any weather condition. 

The functional benefits of our revolutionary fabrics have been embraced by downhill skiers, nordic skiers, and athletes in all types of sports. The needs and demands of athletes have changed over time and our materials, design, and production techniques have evolved to meet those needs. We have been working with athletes for over five decades to develop pioneering high-quality sportswear and performance wear. Still today, our core mission stays the same: to make functional sportswear for optimal performance for world champions and everyday heroes.

From fighter pilots to world champions and everyday heroes.