Life is about movement and we are determined to enhance the sports experience for everyday heroes and improve achievements for world champions. Our passion for sports combined with our commitment to innovation, design and performance brings function, comfort, and joy to the activities and the lifestyle we love.

Sport-Specific Fit

Every sport demands specific movements from the body. We spend countless hours in our lab studying these movements and perfecting each of our garments to provide unmatched freedom of movement, fit and comfort.

Innovative Solutions

In the Craft lab, product managers, designers, technical designers and purchasers collaborate closely to achieve a common objective: to develop garments that enable and inspire athletic progress.

Technical Fabrics

Craft's advanced product development includes comprehensive research aimed at finding the very best fabrics for our garments.

Body Control

The use and development of compressive garments have increased lately and Craft is at the forefront of this evolution. We use compressive fabrics in several garments in our Elite racing collections.

Design with an Edge

We recognize that to perform your best you have to feel your best and when you look your best your confidence is increased. That's why we put as much energy into the details of our design as we put into the technical innovation of our garments.