Craft Run is designed for runners who love to run, on any level. Combining highly functional fabrics and ergonomic design, these garments provide excellent body-temperature management, comfort, body-control and freedom of movement.


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Born from the sensation of weightlessness, vent is the ultimate airy and light running experience. Exceptionally thin with taped seams and UV protection, these barely-there designs provide a continuous flow of fresh air as though running in nothing at all. 

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Nanoweight is all about breaking new ground and doing it in style. This superlight concept with its barely-there touch targets dedicated runners who prefer to run fast or long distances in warm conditions. Extremely thin and lightweight fabrics combine with a clean, minimalistic design to help you reach the flow needed for record-breaking performances. 


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Born out of the experience of running, our footwear collection offers exceptional grip, anatomic shape and great energy return. Combined with an understated design for advanced simplicity on urban and rural terrains. Craft footwear is for people who love to run.