Pursuit Thermal Jacket W


Ski jacket with padded front and hood, raglan sleeves and elastic rib at bottom.

SKU: 1907846-737480-L
Color: Trace/Peak
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Pursuit Thermal Jacket is a bodymapped cross-country ski jacket with light padded upper front and hood as well as a 3-layer breathable, wind- and water-protective fabric at lower front, sleeves and back. The result is a functional garment that offers great weather protection and warmth during intense workouts in cold conditions. In addition, the jacket features raglan sleeves for unrestricted movement, elastic rib at bottom for a snug fit and side pockets with zipper.
Product Details + Features
  • Light padded upper front body for warmth and comfort
  • Adustable padded & protective hood for warmth & comfort
  • Breathable 3L fabric at lower front, sleeves & back
  • Zip side pockets
  • Elastic rib at bottom for snug fitting
Fabric Composition
  • Upper front body: 100% Polyester
  • Lower front body, Sleeves & Back body: Face: 100% Polyester
  • Mid:100% PU
  • Back: 100% Polyester
  • KeepWarm
  • Stretch
  • Bodymapped

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