SubZ Sweater W

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Cold-weather running sweater with padded front, chimney collar and seamless sleeves/back.

SKU: 1907699-737699-XL
Colour: Trace/Buff
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Inspired by the unforgiving Nordic winters, SubZ Sweater allows you to keep on running even when the mercury collapses. This cold-weather running sweater features lightweight, heat-bonded padding at front, brushed jersey fabric and an 8-inch chimney collar, which can be folded up for extra protection in sub-zero conditions or folded down on warmer days. In addition, seamlessly knit sleeves and back provide great comfort and fit. Longer at the front for enhanced protection.
Product Details + Features
  • Heat-bonded, lightweight quilting at front
  • Light padding at front for warmth & comfort
  • Brushed jersey, high-chimney collar for comfort and protection
  • Side pockets at front
Fabric Composition
  • Front body: 100% Polyester, Mid: 100% PU, Back: 100% Polyester
  • Back body: 67% Polyester, 26% Polyamide, 7% Elastane
  • Lightweight
  • WindProtective
  • Bodymapped

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