Craft Elite Run Team

Craft Sportswear's high ambitions in running, resulting in innovative apparel and shoes, now also includes the Craft Elite Run Team. The newly formed world-class outfit will compete all over the world in various long-distance events, focusing primarily on trail races. In addition, the runners will be deeply involved in the development of new shoes and apparel for both training and racing.

Craft Elite Run Team is part of the Swedish sports brand's ambitious engagement in running, especially ultra- and trail running. The team consists of the following strong athletes:
"It’s extremely exciting to launch such a competitive team as the Craft Elite Run Team and it will be very interesting to follow the runners in races across the world. Their contribution to our product development is and will be invaluable, which we experienced when Tommy Rivs was involved in shaping the CTM Ultra Carbon into the high-class running shoe it is today."

- Daniel Högling, Craft’s Global Product & Marketing Director

CTM Ultra Carbon

The Craft Elite Run Team runners will train and compete in the CTM Ultra Carbon shoe as well as the upcoming race version CTM Ultra Carbon Race Rebel. Key competitions in 2021 will be the Ultravasan and Fjällmaraton races in Sweden as well as several of the events in the newly established Spartan Trail Series where Craft is the main sponsor.