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Running Shoe Guide

Some of us classify ourselves by our type of running.

Road. Ultra. Casual. Trail. Marathoner. 5k.

But we all run for the same reason. It is that moment of flight. That sense of freedom. That time with oneself. As you prepare for your next run, no matter it’s distance or location, you deserve to run your best.

That's why we offer running apparel and running shoes for world champions and everyday heroes, who are looking to run for any reason.

Road Running Shoes

Craft's road running shoes are responsive, durable and have the perfect amount of cushion to put in a lot of miles yet light enough to run those miles fast.



Pacer M


Pacer W


A fusion of Comfort and High Pace

Hybrid Running Shoes

Introducing the revolutionary hybrid category of premium running shoes, designed to elevate your running experience to new heights on any terrain.