For most of us the fall and winter mean cold, wet and windy conditions. And your legs are the first to feel it.

Fortunately our products are born in the Nordics, an area that experiences over 300 days of challenging conditions. And for over 40 years we have been designing products to embrace these natural elements while keeping you warm, dry and fast.

We have created a guide of our warm, warmer and warmest tights and pants for all of your fall and winter adventures. Designed to allow you to shop by warmth or activity so you can find the right tights for you this season.

Your new go-to pair of tights for low output workouts, adding an extra layer of warmth or everyday activities.


Sliding on snow requires a unique blend of materials and a proper design to keep your moving freely while staying warm and dry. These tights and pants can keep almost everyone wishing for longer days on snow no matter what the weather is.


Some of us need to pedal all year round in any weather. Because cycling is not an indoor sport. That is why we have some of the warmest and most comfortable tights for long days in the saddle no matter what the wind, rain and sleet have in mind.


We will say it again – warm legs are fast legs. These tights offer a variety of weights and features from wind protection to reflectivity for all your cool and cold weather workouts.

Running + Training