100% of our products produced in a sustainable way by 2023.

We truly believe that acting as a responsible business - fully committed to sustainability and human rights - will contribute to lasting success.

We aim to create the best products while minimizing our environmental impact. By increasing the use of more sustainable materials in our manufacturing process and products, we produce high quality products that don't need to be replaced as often and that come in classic, timeless colourways with a long lifecycle.

Design & Product Development

New Wave Group has extensive experience within design and product development. Design is the first step to achieveing a sustainable product.

  • We focus on quality products for long-lasting use
  • We work to introduce more sustainable & eco-friendly products
  • We are working actively with chemical management

Sourcing & Production

New Wave Group has adopted the BSCI Code of Conduct. It contains requirements on minimum wage, working hours and the prohibition of child labor, among several other requirements from international conventions like the ILO Conventions and the Declaration of Human Rights. New Wave Group is one of 190 brands that has signed the Accord-the famous initiative to achieve a safe textile industry in Bangladesh.

Transport & Logistics

New Wave Group depends on sustainable distribution of our products. Transports must be both efficient and with the lowest possible environmental impact as possible.

  • We coordinate distribution within the Group to achieve high level of capacity utilization.
  • We measure emissions of CO2 from goods transport between Asia, Europe and North America.
  • We strive hard to minimize air freight. Air freight accounted for just over 3% of the transported volume in 2014.
  • New Wave Group collaborates with the Clean Shipping Network in order to improve the environmental performance within the shipping companies.

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