Circle is our initiative for sustainability, and an integral thread that runs through everything we do. From design to delivery and beyond. Its purpose is simple – to encourage conscious choices that minimize the environmental impact of our products. Now and in the long run. Going forward, we’ll keep making apparel that inspires athletes on every level to reach their goals. With full consideration for our shared arena along the way.

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Connecting the dots from design to delivery.

To us, a sustainable garment is one that’s tirelessly functional day after day, year after year. However, the start of its lifecycle still represents the major part of its environmental impact. Here’s how we all pull together to actively reduce it.

Circular Options For All Athletes.

Our apparel is designed to go the distance. Starting in 2022, we’ll introduce circular models that further extend their lifecycles. Like letting our customers hire the functionality they need when they need it, or pay their trusty training companions forward when it’s time to elevate their game.

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Our sustainability goals are connected to four of the Global Goals in UN’s Agenda 2030, chosen for their relevance to our business and our chance to make a contribution towards them. They guide how we design, produce and distribute our garments, how we extend their lifecycle through circular options for renting, selling and buying and how we collaborate with partners and organizations for a more sustainable tomorrow. By 2030, our goal is to reduce our total carbon emissions by 30%. By the same year, our goal is that 20% of our products will be offered through circular programs.

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