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A shoe that's ready for the unexpected.

Nordlite Ultra is a true hybrid running shoe open to any possibility along your route. Featuring our revolutionary CR Foam, this versatile running shoe provides 3 times the damping and energy return of conventional midsoles in an impossibly light package. Paired with a lugged traction rubber outsole for outstanding grip, this shoe will follow you anywhere.

Run on any terrain. We got you.

Whether you prefer pounding the pavement, hitting the trails, or exploring various terrains, Nordlite Ultra shoes are versatile and excel in diverse running conditions. The CR foam™ and feather-light mesh upper provide confidence to conquer any surface.

Colours for all of your personas.

Step into a world where colours reflect your inner spirit, where versatility meets excellence. Let your running shoe be an extension of your unique identity. Express yourself. Run with confidence. Experience the freedom to be all of you who are, with our Nordlite Ultra.

It's all about the foam, my friend.

This innovative running shoe has a lightweight Cr Foam™ midsole that offers cushion, stability, and explosive rebound. The foam is made through a supercritical process, providing optimum performance in a non-toxic, reusable material.

Your multi-purpose running shoe.

Designed with precision and expertise, our multipurpose shoe is a true game-changer. Seamlessly adapting to your needs, either on pavement or trails, experience the blend of comfort, support and durability as you navigate diverse terrains and unleash your full potential.

What's the Cr Foam all about?

Cr Foam™ is an ultra-lightweight and sustainable midsole foam with excellent energy rebound that offers a pillow-soft ride and feel in a variety of terrains. The foam is produced with an environmentally friendly technology, which includes a non-toxic process with no chemicals added to the raw materials. In addition, the elements are fully integrated under high temperature and high pressure, magnifying the foam's qualities to provide increased levels of performance. The result is a high-performing midsole foam with a green approach. Craft Regular Fit Snug in heel and mid foot with excellent lock-in capability and additional room in forefoot for superior comfort and performance.