Winter Run Guide


Soon enough we will be toeing the line again. And that means training season is here even if the snow or weather is not cooperating. Our Elite Run Team put together a few training kits for you to check out depending on your race of choice. Mix and match or listen to the pros. Either way we have what you need this winter running season.

5k Training Kit

"Intervals are an important part of training for 5ks. You are able to get in a larger amount of higher intensity work than you would doing a straight tempo, since recovery is added into the mix."

— Emily Sullivan, Craft Elite Run Team
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10k / Half Marathon Kit

“If I were training for distance in the Canadian winter, I'd do all my higher intensity workouts on a treadmill. I'd wear the Pro Endur Distance shoe. I'd do all of my recovery runs outside in the snow so I'd wear the Endurance Trails or CTM Ultras and layer up from head to toe in some SubZ pieces.”

— Jacob Puzey, Craft Elite Run Team
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Marathon / Ultra Training Kit

“When training in winter I really like the Active Extreme X base layer tights and long sleeves. They are extremely thin and light but keep you warm and comfortable from start to finish. The CTM Ultra Trail is a great shoe that will provide good traction on wet roads and can cut through mud on the trail.”

— David Laney, Craft Elite Run Team
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