CTM Nordlite Speed W

SKU: 1913377-900999-4.0

CTM Nordlite Speed represents the next level of responsiveness and performance for serious runners.

This premium running shoe features a full Cr Foam™ midsole, which provides cushion and stability with reduced weight and explosive rebound. The ultimate expression of advanced simplicity, the shoe comes with an exposed Ultra Carbon Plate™, delivering huge mechanical advantage in efficiency and propulsion. In addition, the shoe sits on a hybrid traction outsole designed for road and light trail use. The upper is a single-layer engineered mesh that is light, comfortable, and durable. Elite athletes and everyday runners will feel powerful benefits in every stride.

CTM – the best of the best
CTM stands for Craft Tailored Motion and includes the most advanced materials and the latest innovations for the most demanding athletes. When superior function, maximum energy return and low weight is the name of your game, this is where you come to play.

Cr Foam™
Cr Foam™ is an ultra-lightweight and sustainable midsole foam with excellent energy return that offers a pillow-soft ride and feel in a variety of terrains. The foam is produced with an environmentally friendly technology, which includes a non-toxic process with no chemicals added to the raw materials. In addition, the elements are fully integrated under high temperature and high pressure, magnifying the foam’s qualities to provide increased levels of performance. The result is a high-performing midsole foam with a green approach.

Ultra Carbon Plate™
Made of carefully sourced carbon fiber, the thin Ultra Carbon Plate™ works almost like a trampoline, offering best-in-class energy return. In addition, the tuned carbon plate comes with a precision split, allowing the big toe to press independently on the medial side of the plate and the other toes on the lateral side – which creates torsion to provide ultra-rebound on varying surfaces and angles.

Craft Regular Fit
Snug in heel and mid foot with excellent lock-in capability and additional room in forefoot for superior comfort and performance.
Product Details + Features
  • One-piece engineered mesh upper
  • Cr Foam™ midsole for ultra-light, ultra-high rebound
  • Ultra Carbon Plate™
  • Ultra Rebound™ insole for maximum energy return against the foot
  • 3-piece lugged traction rubber outsole capable on road or light trail surfaces and in varying climate conditions
  • Craft Regular Fit
  • Weight: 270g in US7
  • Stack height: heel 38 mm, forefoot 32 mm
  • Drop: 6 mm
Fabric Composition
  • Upper: 93% Mesh TPU, 7% TPU
  • Midsole: 100% Supercritical EVA Foam
  • Midsole insert: 100% Carbon
  • Outsole: 100% Rubber

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