We want to make it easy because finding the right baselayer should not be any more difficult than your workout. So we put together a guide on how our baselayer design process works so you can easily and quickly choose the right performance baselayer. You find the temperature and activity level on our graph that work for you then select which of our performance baselayers is best for you. 

High intensity, low temperatures and everything in between. These baselayers have been chosen for those looking to sweat in any conditions or any activity. Tight and light or warm and wool. We have something for you.

Dry is our super-efficient baselayer made from synthetic fibers that help you stay dry during intense workouts in warmer temperatures.

Stay dry

These baselayers are made of the best when it comes to synthetic fibers, keeping you both warm and dry.


Wool. You either love it or you hate it.  This baselayer collection is based on natrual fibers and keeps you warm in really cold conditions, even when wet.