Our never ending design story

Cross-country skiing, running, cycling and training as well as most other sports place great demands on your clothes – especially if your goal is to perform optimally.


Sport Specific Fit

Our lab and design studio is bustling with creativity and a profound knowledge about the ergonomics of sports. We know that the key for designing the optimal bike jersey, for instance, is to understand the relation between the shoulders and the hips. For the equivalent cross-country skiing suit, the secret is to grasp how the arms, shoulders, hips and legs interact when pushing the skier forward. This knowledge expresses itself in performance clothing with, among other things, pre-shaped knees and sleeves, shaped collars and elastic compression fabrics - details that together form a sport-specific fit.


Innovative Solutions

The Craft lab is host to a tightly-knit team of specialists with complementary expertise. Product managers, designers, technical designers and purchasers huddle up around a common objective: creating sports performance clothing. The process of shaping a new product calls for close teamwork where everyone contributes his or her specific skills. Looking back at previous collections as well as input from professional athletes are important components of this work.


Technical Fabrics

Fabrics that provide efficient moisture transport as well as optional elasticity and body control are crucial elements in ergonomic performance clothing. Craft's advanced product development includes uncompromising and intense research aimed at finding the very best fabrics for our garments. The latest collection features several highly advances functional fabrics, including our own ingredient brand VentAir.


Body Control

Lately there has been a great increase in the development of compressive fabrics, and Craft is of course at the forefront of this evolution. Research on compression fabrics is still in its early stages but studies indicate that compression garments may promote greater psychological comfort during recovery and heavy exercise. Compression garments keep the athlete's body tight and explosive, which can assist in boosting confidence and focus. Our most advanced compression fabric combines polyester, polyamide and Lycra and its 4-way stretch and modular strength provide the right level of compression in the right areas without restraining the muscles. We use compressive fabrics in several garments of our Elite racing collections.


Design with an edge.

The sport-specific fit, the correct ventilating areas, the accurate seams and the optimal fabrics and accessories are accentuated and made into a whole by and edgy design. When colors and patterns together form a design with a confident attitude, it inevitably rubs off on the wearer, putting him or her in a desired state of mind. On our website, you will find a collection of functional sportswear based on ergonomic perfection. The design, fit and fabrics combine in a perfect harmony to provide garments that make the athlete all set for crunch time.