Father's Day Gift Guide

15 versatile styles for Dad’s everyday tool kit

Dads are known to be versatile – even Mac Gyver-like. So, we put together 15 ideas in our Father’s Day Gift Guide that bring versatility to their training gear. Dad’s training tool kit will never perform or look so good no matter what the project or pursuit.

Essence 5in Stretch Short

Run, hike, walk the dog, or mow the lawn with only 5 inches of tan lines. These are our best-selling shorts for a reason.

CTM Distance Trucker Hat

Some dads need a little style, and shade, to hang on the soccer field after their Sunday morning trail run. Let’s make Dad a little rad with a new trucker hat. 

CORE Gain Midlayer

This is the official uniform for most office dads. The best part is its versatility for weekend training during those cooler mornings.

ADV Nordic Speed 2

This is the ATV of our Footwear Collection. Whether worn as your everyday trainer or your trail running partner these look and perform as good on the trail or every day. 

ADV Charge Training Pants

These pants may become Dad’s new best friend. Perfect for cooler runs, hikes, or post-workout projects around the house.

Hybrid Weather Glove

Tell Dad Mac Gyver wore these, and he will never take them off. Though Hasselhoff never actually wore these gloves we think he would love them as much as he loved Kitt.

ADV Essence Tights

Not every dad wants to, or even should, wear tights but for those who need an extra layer for warmth, protection, and versatility these tights are perfect.

Explore Pile Fleece Jacket

A new favorite for many at CRAFT, this jacket is the perfect extra layer for spring walks, fall hikes, and those chilly summer bonfires

ADV Essence Hydro Jacket

A go-to jacket for those wet and windy days that most of us experience in almost every month of the year.

ADV Essence SS Tee

Beware. Dad may wear this tee all weekend long. Balancing performance, comfort, and simple styling this is a must for any on-the-go dad.

PRO Endurance Trail

Some Dads break things, but the only thing Dad will break with these is his PR. And those dads in a hybrid work situation will love these no matter where their laptop is.

ADV Entity Travel Backpack

Some dads use toolboxes and others have training bags. This bag will keep his training gear, and its stench, in one place

CORE Essence Lumen Cap

For those extra busy dads who need to run in low-light conditions, help them out with some high-visibility headwear.

Essence Wind Jacket

If a jacket was ever a multi-tool this would be it. Packable, breathable, and performance-driven, it is everything you need in the palm of your hand.

Active Extreme X SS Baselayer

Some dads are sweat machines. If so, then this baselayer is the perfect year-round solution for them to stay dry and comfortable all year long.