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Unlike our apparel, our packaging is not meant to last. To minimize the long-term effects of everything that protects our garments, shoes and accessories during the journey to our customers, we make a conscious effort to use more sustainable materials. This means that we work proactively to source recycled and recyclable materials for all packaging, for every product and in every market, to leave as minimal a trace as possible. Therefore, the paper used for the labels, boxes and tags that come with our garments are printed on 100% FSC®-certified paper, that’s sustainably sourced and has an audited trail from harvest to delivery.

Daniel Högling, Product & Marketing Director


Reduce the use of plastics and unnecessary packing or labelling with 35% by 2025

All bags used for packing garments made from more preferred materials

All labels, tags and packaging made from FSC®-certified paper

Introduce preferrable alternatives to shoeboxes by 2025

"The packaging we use should leave as small a mark as possible."

Our stated goal is that all packaging we use should be 100% recyclable after serving its purpose. But most important is to reduce the use of unnecessary packaging materials. In 2020, we launched a new, simplified system that eliminates the need for differentiated packaging by introducing three sizes that fit all: small, medium and large. A modular way of thinking that translates into less waste, as outdated boxes won’t have to be discarded, and more efficient use of space throughout the entire logistics chain.